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 [19.08.10] Games Day (Baltimore)

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BeitragThema: [19.08.10] Games Day (Baltimore)   Do Aug 19, 2010 8:04 am

Games Day 2010 in Baltimore

In case you haven't heard (, on August 21st, Chaos
Dwarfs Online is hosting a Club table at this year's Games Day in Baltimore, Maryland!

As listed on Games Workshop's Club Table page
Cruel Industry of the Chaos Dwarfs
"Using forced labor to expand their empire, the twisted Chaos Dwarfs are getting a bit too close to the
World's Edge Mountains. Set in the Dark Lands, this ash strewn volcanic wasteland is rich with sulphur, oil
and tar which the Chaos Dwarfs are attempting to extract and use for their evil purposes! Help liberate the
prisoner's camp and destroy the evil Chaos Dwarf factories! Players can use their own troops to help the
Dwarfs defeat their Chaotic kin."

Both myself (Xander) and Vexxus will be running the table, and you can expect to see Willmark there as well!
If you are going to be there too, let us know (send me an email!).

If you can't make the show (or live on a different continent!) be sure to follow our Twitter feed for updates
from the show floor on You don't need to sign up to Twitter to check out
what's happening.

We'll be taking plenty of pictures for you to enjoy and hopefully those will be uploaded Saturday night.

Be sure to check out the blog ( Vexxus and I are
running to show off th work we are doing on the table as we enter crunch time (4 days left!).

We hope to see you on Saturday!



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[19.08.10] Games Day (Baltimore)
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